To start packing shipment orders, you should initialize picking first. Picking is not a mandatory process before packing - read this for more info - still you should initialize the picking process. To learn how to start the packing process, you can read this article.

There is a hint if you pack order or not:

  • The 'WMS Status' of the orders should be 'Started', then you can pack the orders


  • Packing without picking ( not suggested).

  • Packing after picking completed.

  • Start packing by typing or scanning an Order Code, a Job Code ( batch number), or a Picking Location ( Cart or Tote).

  • Packing by scanning item barcodes.

  • Packing by approving the item quantities on the screen.

  • See all waiting orders to be packed.

  • Before packing an order, see the picking statuses of the orders - 'still picking', 'picked'- for every order and each item inside.


1. Go to the Shipment Order screen, choose the orders, and click the 'Start Picking' button - read this for more info -.

2. Go to the Warehouse Ops and choose the Packing Station screen.

3. Scan or type in an Order Code, a Job code, or a Picking Location (Tote, Cart).

3. 1. If you scan a Job Code:

The screen will direct you to choose an order to pack within the Job Code.

After you select an Order, continue with step 4.

3. 2. If you scan a Picking Location( Cart, Tote):

The screen will direct you to choose an order to pack inside the Tote or Cart.

After you select an Order, continue with step 4.

4. If you scan an Order Code or choose an Order Code

You'll arrive at the order packing screen.

  • You can scan each item barcodes here.

  • Or you can use the 'Add to Box' button, to approve the quantity of an item.

5. After you scan item barcodes, or click the 'Add to Box' button, items will go to the right side of the screen.

6. Click on the Complete Order button, to approve the packing.

After you click the complete order button

What's Next?

What should I do to start packing?

Packing Station: Pack an order by scanning Order Code, Job code, or Picking Location.

Packing Station: All pending orders to be packed.

1.Reprint Label and Packing Slip on the packing station.

2.Get Label on the packing station

3.Edit Carrier and Shipment Method if the order has no assigned carrier or shipment method on the packing station.

Report Issue feature if the order is unavailable to pack.

Packing Station: Edit customer address at the packing station.

Cancel the packing operation for the orders.

Packing Station: Multiple Weight Inputs

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