On the packing Station screen, you can start packing with different options.

  1. Scan an Order Code, or a Job Code, or a Picking Location (Tote, Cart)

  2. Choose order among the pending orders.

In this document, we'll detail if an order has no assigned carrier and service, how you can get a label from carrier

To get a label, you need to box all items first. To box an order:

  • You can scan each item barcodes.

  • Or you can use the 'Add to Box' button, to approve the quantity of an item.

After you scan item barcodes or click the 'Add to Box' button, items will go to the right side of the screen.

Thereafter you can get a carrier label for the order.


  1. Reprint label based on the already created label for the order

  2. Get a label from the carrier, based on preassigned carrier and shipment method

  3. If an order has no assigned carrier or shipment method, edit carrier and shipment service on the packing station

3. Edit Carrier and Shipment Service: If an order has no assigned carrier or shipment service, edit carrier and shipment service on the packing station

If an order has no assigned carrier and shipment service, you'll see the " Choose carrier and shipment method" below to the customer address.

In this case, to get a label from a carrier you need to edit carrier and shipment method selections first. To do that follow the steps:

  1. Click the "Choose carrier and shipment method" button.

  2. You'll be directed to the "Get Label" screen. on the new tab.

  3. On this new tab, assign Carrier, Shipment Method, Package, Weight, and other related fields to get a label. You can learn more about this document about the Get Label screen.

4. To get and print a label click the "Get Label" button.

5. Turn the Packing Station screen. Now you have a printed label. On the Packing Station screen, nothing will be changed.

6. To complete the packing, click the 'Complete' button.

That's all!

What's Next?

What should I do to start packing?

Packing Station: Pack an order by scanning Order Code, Job code, or Picking Location.

Packing Station: All pending orders to be packed.

1.Reprint Label and Packing Slip on the packing station.

2.Get Label on the packing station

3.Edit Carrier and Shipment Method if the order has no assigned carrier or shipment method on the packing station.

Report Issue feature if the order is unavailable to pack.

Packing Station: Edit customer address at the packing station.

Cancel the packing operation for the orders.

Packing Station: Multiple Weight Inputs

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