Process Documents

  1. What should I do to start packing?

  2. Packing Station: Pack an order by scanning Order Code, Job code, or Picking Location.

  3. Packing Station: All pending orders to be packed.

  4. Reprint Label and Packing Slip on the packing station.

  5. Get Label on the packing station

  6. Edit Carrier and Shipment Method if the order has no assigned carrier or shipment method on the packing station.

  7. Packing Station: Report Issue feature if the order is unavailable to pack.

  8. Packing Station: Edit customer address at the packing station.

  9. Cancel the packing operation for the orders.

  10. Print packing slips or packing slip and shipment label both.

  11. Packing Station: Multiple Weight Inputs

Operation Flows

  1. Packing Station Usage Type 1: Complete Picking First Then Pack the Orders COMING SOON

  2. Packing Station Usage Type 2: Picking List Picking, Then Pack the Orders COMING SOON

  3. Packing Station Usage Type 3: Pick Manually, Pack Orders Directly COMING SOON

Useful Documents

  1. How to Increase Warehouse Packing Station Productivity?

  2. Packing Station Efficiency: Different types of packing station usages

  3. Why Packing Slip is Important for Shipment?


  1. Picking and Packing Introduction

  2. Packing Station Training 1: Scanning and how to pack an order

  3. Packing Station Training 2: Report Issue Feature

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