Hi everyone! We are starting the year as a fire! Here is what we have done for you and what we have fixed! The details are below!


  • Say hello to Warehouse Task Report!

  • Added a map-control HUD on the Workflow screen. You can use this map system right side of the screen.


  • Some comparators in the Workflow have been renamed. (Like between to is between)

  • MyProfile and Change Password links under the Account Settings screen have been removed from this screen. You can go to the MyProfile and Change Password screens with the My Profile redirection.

  • A count field has been added to the Workflow screen that shows how many times a workflow has been running. From this area, it can be seen how many times a workflow has run.

  • In the Show All Orders step on the Packing Station screen, the note fields on the orders have been visually improved.

  • The CC and BCC fields in the Send an Email action on the Workflow screen have been visually improved and made as a pop-up area.

  • When an error was received during import, if the error message was long, it wouldn't fit on the screen. We fixed this issue with a popup that appeared when a mouse over the error message.

  • General improvements and fixes for import processes.

  • General improvements and fixes for the system.


  • The problem of not appearing logos of orders coming from integration on the Packing Station screen has been fixed.

  • When trying to get a label on the Packing Station screen, the dimension fields were warning as mandatory fields. We fixed this problem. Even if these fields are not filled anymore, no error will be given.

  • Fixed the problem of not being able to set the numeric fields as "0.00" on Packing Station screen.

  • Fixed the issue where errors arising from integration on the Packing Station screen are not displayed on the screen. These errors will now be readable.

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Version: Basic6

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