Before start to explain how to invite a user to a MyLogiwa account, we need to emphasize that, only Owner users can invite a user to the account. How many users can be invited is restricted to your subscription package. If you don't have an extra user right in your subscription package, you'll not be able to invite a user to your account.

Add a New User

1. Open your Users & Roles screen

If you want to add a new user, there is a screen for that in MyLogiwa.
Go to Settings -> Users & Roles screen.

2. Add a new user on the Users & Roles screen

On the Users & Roles screen, you'll see the Add User button. Click on it, and Add User sidebar is opened.

By creating a new user to your MyLogiwa account, basically, you're inviting the user to your account. Let's go!

All fields are mandatory on this left sidebar.

1. Email: This should be a real email address. Because we'll send an invitation email to the email address. Invitation email includes a validation system. If the email address is wrong, validation cannot be done, so the user cannot log in.

After the invited user is validated, the user should create his own password.

The email address and password will be the login information for the invited user.

2. First Name & Last Name: These refer to the user's name. Please type the name of your colleague.

3. User Type: User Type is changed based on your subscription package. These user types are system-defined and restricted by your subscription. User types are important to trace your user seat right included in the sales package.

For further information please check the "Seats" section of our Compare Plans Page

4. Role: Before inviting a new user to your MyLogiwa account, you should define the users' roles first. When you define roles, you can select one of them to assign the user.

To learn more about role creation, please have a look at the document.

To choose a role, you should select a user type first. As you know, roles are created for user types. So, if you select a wrong user type, the role that you want to select may not be shown on the screen. For example, let's assume that while creating the "Picker Role" role is created for the Operation user type. If you choose a different user type -such as Admin- on the User Invite screen, the "Picker Role" role will not be shown on the screen.

You can assign more than one role to a user as well.

When everything is ready, click the Save button in order to finish the process. At the same time, we will be sending an email to the invited user's email address. You can get in touch with your colleague to inform him.

What's Next?

A new role? You can assign a role to your user. Or, you can configure your account settings or your company settings after you adding a user to your account.

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