One for all, all for one! In MyLogiwa, you can create multiple roles, each with different tasks, and manage your warehouse more efficiently. We would like to point out that, in MyLogiwa, you haven't got any limit to add a role.

1. Open your Users & Roles screen

Go to Settings -> Users & Roles screen. Choose the Roles tab. After you clicked the Roles link, the Roles screen will appear.

2. Add a new role on the Users & Roles screen

On the Users & Roles -> Roles screen, you'll see the Add Role button. Click on it, and Add Roles fields should appear.

All fields are mandatory fields to fill.

  • Role Name: Give a name to the role to differentiate it.

  • Description: Type a description for the role such as for whom the role is created.

  • User Type: User type is a group that helps you to classify your users. These user types are system-defined and restricted by your subscription plan. To learn more about different user types read this article. Based on the selected user types, accessible screens and features are differ. For example, the Owner user type is allowed for every feature within the sales package, but the Operation user type is not allowed to give access to Settings related screen. Be careful to choose user types while defining roles.

After you fill every field, a new section opens. In this section, you can manage the role access. You can think as "What operations can the defined role perform on the basis of screen and operation."

The accessibility of screens and buttons varies based on the selected user types.

You have to click the Save button in order to create a new role. After you saved the role, you have to see the created role on the Users & Roles screen.

3. Edit and delete a role on the Users & Roles screen

To edit a role hover to the role that you want to edit and click the " >" button.

To delete a role hover to the role that you want to delete and click the red button.

Important Note:

Role editing affects all users who assigned this role. If you add or remove new permission to an existing role, this change will be applied to every user who has this role.

If you want to delete a role, you have to unassign this role from every assigned user. To learn how to do that, please check this article. Otherwise, an error message will be reminding you about this control.

What's Next?

You can add a new user and assign this role to this user. Check this out!

If you want to unassign a role from the user, check this out!.

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