MyLogiwa's newest feature - Roles and User Permissions. Your feedback came through and we worked on it. Now, it's time to release the feature.

We understand your need for company and privacy settings for varying access levels and having differing engagement levels with the system for each and every individual member in your team.

MyLogiwa Roles and User Permissions enable account owners to specify job tasks for each users. You can now access and manage Roles and User Permissions on the MyLogiwa in the 'Users and Roles' tab.

The process is fairly straightforward so try it out for your account now to turn different sections on or off for different team members using the View, Create, Edit, Delete, or for each button options for each screen.

With role-based user permissions, you can protect certain information, and allow your team members to focus better on their specific tasks.

Also, role-based user permissions are easy to manage, it takes less than a minute to enter the access levels for each team member - just pick an option from our drop down menu. If you need more information, check out our Support Article that outlines specific steps to manage this function.

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