Hi everyone! During this time, we have added dozens of new updates and fixed problems (hopefully we didn't add new ones.😊) Here is what we have done for you and what we have fixed! The details are below! Check this out!


  • Performance improvements have been done on the import Excel file process MyLogiwa

  • For the Get Rate and Label screen, if a product has no defined weight, we will not sum the weights of all products automatically.

  • When you click Complete Order button on the Packing Station screen we will automatically change the order status from Ready to Pack to Ready to Ship.

  • Fields, where you can enter the weight units of the products, have been added to the Import Product excel file. If these fields are left blank, these products will be imported with the default weight unit in the account settings.

  • The clickability of some buttons in the demo account has been fixed. Buttons within the Upgrade Plan and User & Roles screens cannot be used on Demo Account anymore

  • The Edit Role icon on the Users & Roles screen has been enlarged and made blue.

  • User Name and User Type fields are added to the Edit Role sidebar in the Users & Roles screen.

  • Inner links have been added to the texts in the Unfulfilled Orders part of the Dashboard screen. When you click "Shortage", " Ready to Pack & Pick", you will be directed to the Shipment Order screen.

  • Inner links have been added to the Top Lists parts of the Dashboard screen. When you click product names, you will be directed to the Inventory screen.

  • In the Get Rate and Label screen, we have added weight units of products. Thus, the weight type of the products (pound, ounce, kilogram, and gram), as well as the weight of the products, can be seen.

  • Weight fields for the Packing Station screen have been changed. According to different measurement types (metric or imperial), two weight fields will appear and these fields will be filled automatically when the products are added to the box (add to box).


  • On the Get Rate and Label screen, we were listed on the UOM pack type's weight of the product. We fixed the issue by given the correct pack type's weight of the item.

  • The same problem above is fixed on the Packing Slip document.

  • On the Workflow screen there is an issue about Total Shipment Order's Weight condition. It's fixed.

  • The " Ship with Amazon FBA" button was displayed on the Shipment Order screen even though the Amazon FBA Multi-Channel parameter is closed. The problem is solved.

  • If a purchase order's status is Cancelled or Completed, the system was returning an improper error message. It's fixed.

  • When an order includes item's different pack types, the "Add to box" button caused to disappeared products on the Packing Station screen. We fixed the problem

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Version: Basic8

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