Hi everyone! During this time, we have added dozens of new updates and fixed problems (hopefully we didn't add new ones.😊) Here is what we have done for you and what we have fixed! The details are below! Check this out!


  • Say hello to Batch Picking List!

  • Added “Picking List Printed?” column to the Shipment Order screen

  • Did I mention that? We literally just changed our navigation bar! Now it looks way cooler, and now easier to navigate.

  • We got a new business on MyLogiwa! Say hello to LP Types, a.k.a. Packages!

  • Lots of magical stuff for the next release!


  • URL Navigation added to Warehouse Locations screen

  • Mouse hover action on Dashboard Inner links now underlines them.

  • On the Packing Station now you are able to manage same product’s different pack types

  • The import details sidebar now shows long messages in a tooltip too

  • The "View" permissions listed as the first item in Role Screen’s tree-view

  • Shipment methods listing changed, now it only lists the active shipment methods on "Get Rate and Label screen"

  • Inner links on the screens now validated with user permissions.

  • Batch Rate and Label screen now only accessible to the shipment orders which belong to the same warehouse

  • From now on, you are able to select “From Address” with the Combobox on Batch Rate and Label Screen. (Same as "Get Rate and Label")

  • Empty grid views added to new screens. If there is no data to display, empty grids look prettier

  • Since we developed Packages for MyLogiwa, we added this feature to the Packing Station too. Now, you can select a package even if you don’t have any carrier integration

  • We heard that you want to scan order codes on Packing Station, and here you go!

  • On the Packing Station, now MyLogiwa detects products weight units and calculates total weight automatically, as long as weight units belong to the same unit system.

  • A little restriction for your date safety, if you have a transaction with parent pack type then MyLogiwa prevents your users from critical changes like UOM Ratio.

  • We are now sending emails right after the importing is completed


  • Fixed the problem of not able to see some errors from carrier integration.

  • There was a little misunderstanding on the Available Quantity field on the Available to Promise report. Now it is more clear to understand your inventory level and Available to Promise quantity in this report.

  • Nobody is perfect, we had a teeny-tiny error on the fulfillment pipeline. This hard-to-achieve duplicated order card bug is now fixed, perfection!

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Version: Basic9

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