Once you start the picking process for orders, you can print a Batch Picking List for the orders. If you didn't start the picking process first, the list will be empty.

The goal of batch picking is to increase operational efficiency, so a single picker picks a batch of orders so they can reduce repeated trips to the same location(s). If you want to print Picking List for each orders, please check this link.

To print a Batch Picking list, orders should meet the following conditions. Otherwise, the picking list will be empty.

  • The 'WMS Status' of the orders should be 'Started'

  • The 'Job Code' field should have an auto-created warehouse picking job


1. To print a batch picking list, go to the Shipment Order screen

2. Select the orders that you want to create a picking list

3. Click the Print Document button.

4. Click the Print Batch Picking List button.

If one of the selected orders doesn't have a picking task then MyLogiwa will be warning you about these orders will not combine with the other orders picking tasks.

5. Picking list for the orders will be open on a new tab of the browser.

6. To print the list, click the Print icon on the right upper side of the screen.

7. Choose a printer.

8. After you print the document, we will flag orders as "Picking List Printed".

What's Next?

Learn what you should do to start the picking process.

You printed the Picking List. Great! Let's pick the orders.

Cancel the picking jobs for the orders.

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