Hi everyone! During this time, we have added dozens of new updates and fixed problems (hopefully we didn't add new ones.😊) Here is what we have done for you and what we have fixed! The details are below! Check this out!


  • We added the Product Types and Product Groups screen to the Product Setup Menu. For now, it just lists what your account has, which means these pages haven't got create and delete functionalities yet. But, stay tuned for the next releases!

  • Say hello to the Setup menu! It is basically got pages that we already have, but with this menu, these pages ordered more logically. Like Mr. Spock says, It's only logical!

  • Say hello to the Shipment Screen! With this page, you are able to track your shipment package's real-time status directly from the carrier! We're now even closer to serve as an end-to-end service.

  • I'm couldn't be more exciting about the feature that we start developing during this release and to be developed until the next two releases. This would be a milestone ladies and gentlemen. Wait for it!


  • From now on, MyLogiwa fills package dimensions to the related fields automatically from predefined package settings. This update affects all screens which have shipment package selection; the packing station, the get rate & label screen, and the get batch rate & label screen.

  • We add a confirmation popup for the Ship Order button to get your confirmation before shipping the orders. Don't forget that 'Ship Order' means that you hand out the boxes to a carrier.

  • From now on, the shipment order edit page be able to inform you about newly added products available quantities.

  • We prevented warehouse locations be deleted from Amazon FBA Warehouses.

  • We put on makeup on the account delete page, so it looks cuter.


  • Alright, we admit that some pages didn't have horizontal scroll bars before. But it doesn't have to call as a bug, it is an unwanted feature actually. Well, not anymore.

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