Hi everyone! During this time, we have added dozens of new updates and fixed problems (hopefully we didn't add new ones 😊) Here is what we have done for you and what we have fixed! The details are below! Check this out!


  • We changed the shipment order success screen and the purchase order success screen. Now they are more straightforward.

  • Integration Analytics page is divided into two different pages, Job Lists & Transaction History. And here is the article that explains this feature.

  • We added store names to the Integration Analytics pages. Another small step on the way to adding multiple credentials for the same integration!

  • From now on, warehouse changing for shipment orders is available!

  • Let me introduce you to the shipment order edit actions! You can access shipment order actions from the edit page too!

  • I'm couldn't be more exciting about the feature that we start developing during the past release and to be developed until the next release which will be published about 3 weeks later. This would be a milestone ladies and gentlemen. Wait for it!


  • We added an information popup for the picking list printout to inform you about the orders that have no picking jobs. As you already know, the orders that have no picking jobs on them have empty picking lists.

  • We changed the "not found" result image sources for making these pages even faster! Ka-chow!

  • Actually, we have updated a lot of things, but these features are carefully concealed. So, you have to wait for the next release to see how these updates will affect your account.


  • We had a little responsive design problem on our Warehouse Location page. We prevent the text boxes from moving based on your browser's width.

  • We could not find any other bug to fix it 😎

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Version: Basic11

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