1. What is 3PL?

a. What service does a 3PL provide?

2. How MyLogiwa helps you with client management? The client feature list is included.

a. Multi-Client support

b. Client portal

c. Different client users

d. Third-party carrier account management

e. Channel integration for clients

f. Client-based email notification

e. Client-based currency management

g. Client-based weight unit and dimension unit management

h. Client-based automatic SKU generation

3. Who can manage clients?

a. User types included in Basic 3PL Package

4. Define a new client profile

5. Manage client's addresses

a. Create or add a new address

b. Edit an address

c. Delete an address

6. Set up client settings.

a. Email settings

b. Product defaults

c. Currency preference

7. Give access to users to reach the client's data.

8. Unauthorize users to get back client data access.

9. Edit an existing client

a. Edit client profile

b. Edit client's settings

c. Edit client's address

d. Edit user access

10. Define a user for your customer: Admin Client User and Client User ( user invite and role definition)

11. Connect your customer's channel to MyLogiwa. Your customer can connect its own store to MyLogiwa as well.

12. Give your carrier account access to your customer to create labels.

13. Invite a client to your account step by step

Video Resources

  1. Create or add a new client tutorial

  2. Edit an existing client tutorial


  1. Who can manage user access to a client?

  2. How many users can a customer have?

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