Client Settings defines pre-set preferences for the client. We'll explain these settings in the document.

To set up a client, go to the Client Settings->Client tab.

When you click the "Settings" tab, there are 3 types of settings:

Email Settings

When you open the email notification for the client, the client starts getting an email based on the frequency.

  • Weekly = Evey Friday, the client gets an email for the last 7 days' activty.

  • Daily = The client gets an email every day for daily activity.

  • Never = Activities will not be sent.

An example of the email.

Product Defaults

As Product Defaults, you can set Weight Unit and Dimension Unit up.

When you save your preferences, Weight Unit and Dimension Unit selections will be used to fill automatically the fields on other screens.

For example, while creating a new product, the weight unit field will be filled already, you just need to enter a weight value.

Currency Preference

Currency is the most important settings for the client. Each client should define its own currency. If the client doesn't choose any currency, the default value of the currency is the US Dollar. The system will start using the client's currency preference when it is changed.

The currency will be used on every screen as a purchase and sale unit. On the other screens, you cannot change the currency value. For example, the client cannot change the currency of a shipment order or a purchase order.

Don't forget that, when you change the currency, old data will not be changed.

  1. Set up preferences: Go to the Settings tab

  2. Manage client's official addresses: Go to the Address tab

  3. Give access to users to reach the client's data: Go to the User Access tab.

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