The client's addresses are important to complete the client profile. Shipment Address can be used as optional "Ship From Address" or Billing Address can be used to send invoices. In this article, we will explain how to define addresses.

To define a client address, go to the Client Settings->Client tab.

When you click "Address" tab, there will be 2 types of address:

  • Shipment Address: Shipment addresses mostly used for the "Ship From" address and " Return Address" for the order. But, we need to note that if the warehouse has its own address the warehouse address is used for the primary "Ship From" address for the shipments.

  • Billing Address: A billing address is generally used for the payment address.

Create or Add a New Address

  1. Decide the address that you want to add.

  2. Click the "Add New Address" button.

  3. A left bar will be open on the screen.

  • Type Contact Info for the client: Contact name, email address, and phone number are important for address details.

  • Type Address: Address line1, Postal Code, City, Country are mandatory for address information.

4. Click the " SAVE" button.

Edit an Address

To edit an address, click the pencil icon of the address. The same left-bar will be open to editing the address.

Click the " SAVE" button to record changes.

Delete an Address

To delete an address, client the delete icon.

Note: While deleting a client address there is no validation to delete it. Be sure that you're not using this address for any requirement.

  1. Set up preferences: Go to the Settings tab

  2. Manage client's official addresses: Go to the Address tab

  3. Give access to users to reach the client's data: Go to the User Access tab.

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