User access is the most important part of client definition. MyLogiwa's Client Portal allows separating each client's data from the others.

In MyLogiwa, each client can have multiple users. This means that each user should be defined as the client's user. When you define a user as the client's user, the user starts seeing or editing the client's data.

We call this process "Client User Access". If a user has client user access, we mean that the user is defined as the client's user. If a user doesn't have access to a client, this means that the user will not see the client's data.

Let's give access to users to reach the client's data!

Give Access

  1. To start deciding who will reach the client's data, go to the Client Settings->Client tab.

2. Select the client that you want to give access.

3. Click the "User Access" tab. You'll see a user list that shows who has access to the client's data.

To authorize a user to the client, click the "Select User" button.

4. A left-bar will be open. Search user names or surnames to find a user. When you find the user, select it, and click the "Give Access" button.

Don't forget that users should be invited to the system before. If you can't find the user, probably the user not invited to the system yet. To learn how to create or invite a user to the system, please have a look at this article.

5. When you click the "Give Access" button, the user will authorize the client immediately.

You'll be able to see the latest users that authorized.

6. If you think that one of the selected users is wrong, to take back the client access, click the delete icon. The user will be unauthorized the client.

NOTE: Please do not delete the Owner and Admin user's access.

7. To turn back click the close icon.

What's Next?

Unauthorize users to get back client data access.

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