1. First, go to the Client Settings->Client tab.

2. Select the client that you want to edit.

3. You will see 4 tabs for the client:

  • Client Info: This is the client profile.

  • Settings: These are the default preferences of the client.

  • Addresses: Official addresses of the client.

  • User Access: This is the list of users that shows who can access the client's data.

5. Choose the tab that you want to revise.

Edit Client Profile

While revising the client profile Display Name and Official Identity fields are mandatory.

The Display Name field will be used in other screens to define the client. For example, filters, search combo boxes, or screen tables.

The Official Identity field is the official name of your customer.

Edit Settings

When you click the "Settings" tab, there are 3 types of settings:

  • Email settings

  • Product default selections

  • Currency selection

  1. Email Settings: There are 3 frequency types. Choose one of them to revise the selection and client the "Save Preference" button. To go further about email settings, move forward with this article.

  2. Product Defaults Selection: You can change the Weight Unit and the Dimension Unit selections. When you change the preferences, Weight Unit and Dimension Unit selections will be used to fill automatically the fields on other screens. To go further about email settings, move forward with this article.

  3. Currency Preference: You can change currency selection anytime, but don't forget that past data created with the former currency will not be changed. Select the currency and save it to start using it. To go further about email settings, move forward with this article.

Edit Client's Addresses

When you click the "Address" tab, there will be 2 types of address:

  • Shipment Address: Shipment addresses mostly used for the "Ship From" address and " Return Address" for the order. But, we need to note that if the warehouse has its own address the warehouse address is used for the primary "Ship From" address for the shipments.

  • Billing Address: A billing address is generally used for the payment address.

To learn how to edit an address, please move forward to this article.

Edit User Accesses

Authorize and authorize a user to a client very critical for data security. You can give access to a new user to authorize as a client's user. On the other hand, you can unauthorize a user to take back access.

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