MyProfile Preference allows you to set in which format you want to see data. For example, your company is Spanish but your main language is English. You can set your language like English to see data based on your selection.

These preferences affect only your user's session. Different user's may have different preferences.

Here there are available settings:

1. Language

You can change the language that you want to use on MyLogiwa. Please note that English is the default language.

2. Time Zone

Change your current time zone. Also, using Use My Current Location's Time Zone option provides you to select your current time zone automatically. This feature is great for reducing the waste of your time searching for your time zone.

3. Date Format

There is a variety of date formats in use for different countries. Considering this, MyLogiwa helps by giving the option of changing your date formats used for your business.

Like other account defaults options, changing date formats will affect all MyLogiwa screens. By setting your date format, you can avoid possible confusion for your business.

Supported date formats are:

  • day/month/year (15 April 2020)

  • month/day/year (April 15, 2020)

  • year/month/day (2020, April 15)

4. Time Format

MyLogiwa allows you to configure your time format as well.

Supported time formats are:

  • 12 hour (A.M P.M)

  • 24 hour

By changing your account time format, all screens will be affected. For example, you can see this change in your upload date field on the import screens.

5. Number Format

Different countries use different number formats. To avoid possible confusion, you can control your number formats. Number format controls commas to separate thousands. On MyLogiwa, you can select two number format options:

  • Thousand Separator (ex: 3,387.00)

  • Decimal Separator (ex: 3.387,00)

You can use the decimal separator used to separate the integer part from the fractional part by using a comma. Thousand separator does this separation with using a dot.

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