After the job creation, you can use the job history page to find your selected jobs history, and also you can search the shipment order code to find out why it is not included in the selected jobs.

To reach the job history, click on the Jobs page on the navigation menu

When you reach the Jobs page, click on the Job History tab

You can see the executed job types that you selected earlier. Click the right arrow to reach the details

This sidebar will inform you about this job type execution. You can see the order code and which job code is created after this operation.

You can also click on the Search Shipment Order button to find a specific shipment order's job creation history.

Right after you click on this button, a sidebar will appear. You can type your shipment order code to reach out to this order's job execution history.

In this case, this order has been successfully added to a job. But, after the first job creation (Job278) this job is canceled. The second job code(Job279) refers to the second and the current job execution for this order.

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