To learn how to create a Billing Form, please read this document.

1- Click on the "3PL Billing" under "Settings" in the navigation bar at the top

2- You can view, edit, and delete the previously created billing forms via this screen.

3- You can use the "Filter" button to filter your billing forms.

4- To edit a billing form, use the action buttons on the right-hand side of the screen

Also, clicking on the billing form name will also navigate you to the edit form.

5- There are 4 different actions you can handle on the edit form;

  1. Edit the billing form

  2. Create a new fee

  3. Edit an existing fee

  4. Delete a fee

5.1- Edit a billing form

To edit a created billing form, simply click on the edit icon. Please keep in mind, the warehouse and the client selections are not changeable.

5.2- Create a new fee

Creating a new fee has the same steps as the billing form creation.

5.3- Edit an existing fee

To edit an exiting fee, simply click on the edit form icon in the upper-right corner. The edit form will automatically expand over the fee list, and the screen will be also auto-scrolled to the edit form.

5.4- Delete a fee

Deleting a fee is also possible through this screen. You can simply click on the "X" button placed in the upper-right corner of the billing fee.

6- You can also use the summary section of the billing fee to view your existing fees.

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