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MyPlace makes it super easy for you to share your place with your friends. People whose places are on MyPlace are NOT professional hosts. All of the places on MyPlace are private homes and not businesses. They are made available just for friends and family. Our Beta community is made up of an amazing global group of people you should meet. If you don’t know someone, chances are that you at least have a few mutual friends in common and we’re happy to make an intro.

This is the very beginning beta of a social network made up of folks looking to share with their friends. We believe that when we share we have more, together.

I want to help you share your private home with the people who you trust.

Here are some simple steps.


Visit My Places in the top right corner and click “add your place”. From here, it’s really simple to name your private home, add photos and tell your friends what you love about your home.


You choose to make your place visible or secret.

  • Secret means that the listing does not exist on the internet.

  • Visible means that the link can be shared between friends, family, and different groups you belong to, as well as other MyPlace beta community members.


It's super weird to ask your friends for money and organize an exchange. On MyPlace you are able to easily set pricing based on your relationship with someone. Most of us organize our relationships into different categories in real life.

  • Family - Free

  • Friends - Cost Sharing

  • Acquaintance - Up to you, either at cost or a little above.


Let friends have access to your calendar and send you notes.

It’s easy to Invite people to have access to your place!

By inviting friends, they will have direct access to view your place

You are able to share your place’s availability with the people you choose...and no one else.


The calendar helps you organize who is staying where and when and easily lets friends know when they are welcome to stay or available when you’re traveling. Be sure to keep this as up to date as possible so it accurately reflects your place’s availability.

Having issues with setting up your listing? Let us know and we can help you out.

Email us at:

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