General Questions:

Is this platform exclusive?

No. MyPlace is for everyone! Anyone can join and create their own community of friends to share with.

Is this like other Short Term Rental sites?

No. This is not a rental business website. Myplace is for friends to share with each other.

How do I pay for things?

All transactions are handled between you and your friend.

Am I covered by insurance?

No. This is not a rental site. We help you do what you already do, share. If there are any disputes among friends, please resolve it with each other. You assume the same risk here as when you let a friend stay at your place or you stay at a friends.

What if I don't know someone?

This is all about you and who you trust. Just like other social networks, you do not have to accept anyone you don't want to, we offer options like secret listings for ultimate discretion and you may block users as needed. This is not a marketplace, this is platform to share with the people you trust.

Is there a cost to use MyPlace?

There is currently no cost to use the platform. There will always be a free version of our product for you to enjoy.

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