What is a Share Link?

We wanted to make it super easy for you to share your home with your friends so we created the Share Link.

This link is only visible when you have added your own home to your profile. Don't have a place added yet, add it here.

Once you have your place, make sure your privacy settings are either set to Friends only OR Friends and mutuals.

Here's how to get your share link:

  • Go to your place profile (or anywhere it says 'Share')

  • Click on the Share button

  • Select Copy Link (this copies the link to your clipboard on desktop or mobile)

  • Now send that link to your friends in any messaging platform of your choosing

  • Your friends will see your place at 'Friends' exchange tier.

What happens next?

When you send your share link out to friends, if they're not already a user, they'll get instant access to the MyPlace beta, and be able to see your place and those of your friends who are sharing places too!

Where to find my Share link?

Provided you have a place created, you can access your share link from anywhere on your profile with a 'Share' button including your Home Dashboard, My Places and your Place profile.

How to post your share link on an Instagram Story

Sharing on social media is often a great way to let our friends know what's up. Posting your share link on an Instagram story is a super simple way to let your friends know your place is available. Here's how.

  1. Log into your MyPlace account on mobile

  2. Select your share link (same process as above)

  3. Once selected, it'll be copied to your phone's clip board

  4. Create your Instagram story (include some pictures of your place and some details like availability).

  5. Open up the stickers icon on the top right of the story screen (the one with the smily face)

  6. Select the 🔗 LINK sticker

  7. Paste your share link in the URL field

  8. Customize the text for the link (say something like 'here's my link, check it out!')

  9. Position your link sticker on your story and then post!

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