Be a great host
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Someone's coming to stay at your place. Maybe it's a family member, friend or friend of a friend. Here's a few small things that will ensure you all have a great time.

Be responsive

If you get a request to stay from a friend or someone else on the platform, let them know if you can host them or not. A response either way is better than nothing.

Once you've accepted a stay on the platform:

  • Ensure you have a line of direct communication with them (swap phone numbers)

  • Be as responsive as you can to their and hosting can be stressful.

Figure out all the details in advance

Make your life easier by getting everything figured out in advance of their stay and setting very clear expectations.

Think about how you'll handle the following things upfront.

  • How are you sharing your place? For free, asking for a cleaning fee or more to cover costs? Have the conversation before they arrive so expectations are correctly set.

  • Send clear directions / instructions as to how to get to your place. Link to Google Maps pin etc.

  • Share any specifics about the house that might be happening during their stay. Days the cleaner comes, any works happening or possible disruptions etc.

Create a 'house manual'

House manuals are a great way to let your guest know all the details of your home so they don't have to ask you a million questions like 'where's the wifi password' and 'where do I put the trash out' or 'I don't know how to turn the TV on'.

We've created a basic house manual in a Google doc which you can duplicate and adapt to include the specific details of your home. Be creative, be detailed. It might take you a little time upfront but it'll save you so much time in the long run.

Be sure to not share the link to your house manual outside of your guests staying with you. Consider only giving them permission to view the document during their stay, then remove after they have left.

Anticipate needs and go beyond

You're not running a hotel, but that doesn't mean you can't give your guests a lovely experience staying at your home. Consider the following before they come to stay. Just think about what would make your experience a warm and welcoming one.

  • Ensure things like toilet paper, cleaning products etc are stocked.

  • Leave a little welcome pack for them with some basics in the fridge like milk, eggs, fruit etc.

  • Write a welcome note for them and leave it where they'll see it.

  • Place some fresh towels on their bed ready for them.

  • Soaps, toothpaste etc.

Help your guests explore the local area

If your guests are new to the area, consider leaving them some recommendations of your favorite cafes, restaurants and local attractions.

We've found creating a personal list in Google maps and sharing that with them is a super simple way to share your top spots. Here's how.

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