We've now made it easier than ever to help you share your home in the way you want to.

There are now 5 different options you can choose from when deciding the default exchange type of how you want to share your home. Below is a breakdown of each and how they work.

We've also added two new currencies (EUR and GBP) for any exchange types that involve money.

Exchange Type


💸 Cover costs

Ask your friends to help you cover your costs while they stay.

When setting the price to cost covering, be mindful not to be 'profiting' from your friends.

You can set a per-night price for cost-covering.

🧹 Pay for the cleaners

Offer your place to your friends but just ask that they cover the cost of the cleaner. You are able to set a per-trip price for your guests to help pay for the cleaner after their stay. You are able to add an optional description along with the 'pay for cleaners' exchange type.

🤲🏽 Help me with something

Need help looking after a pet or your beloved plant babies while you're away? You can specify here what you need help with in exchange for someone coming to stay at your place.

🎁 Offer as a gift

The gift of sharing your home with friends is how we started MyPlace. A simple act with no expectation in return. When we share, we all have more.

✨ Other

A free-form option if the others don't quite fit the way you want to share your home. Required to add a description of how you'd like to offer your home to your friends.

Do I need to do anything?

We'd encourage you to take a look at the Exchange Type feature, just below the calendar of your place profile. Consider how you'd like to share your place and update it.

Some more info relating to exchange types:

Q: What about friend tiers?

A: We’ve gradually been phasing out tiers. With this release, there will be no more friend tiers. Your place will have a ‘default’ exchange type. At the time of adding a guest’s stay to your calendar, accepting a stay, and/or generating a share link, you can update the exchange. In the near future, we will support more robust configurations and support for nuanced cases (i.e. seasonal pricing, ability to set ad hoc exchange type at the point of generating share links, etc.)

Q: I have a multi-room house, each room with a different price configured. Do I need to make any updates after this change goes out?

A: As far as the prices configured, no – these will all be migrated and mapped as you had them configured.

  • If you want to update the currency from USD to something else, you will need to update it.

  • If you want to add instructions/descriptions for how to deliver the exchange, you will need to update them.

Q: My place’s default exchange type is set to ‘Cover costs.’ I am adding a stay for a friend, and want to update it just for her. How do I do this?

A: Navigate to your calendar > click the Add stay button. When the modal pops up, you are able to change the exchange type for your friends. This does not impact the default setting for your place.

Q: What happens when I now use my Share Link?

A: When you use your share link, it will share your place at the default exchange type you've set it to. Be mindful of this when sharing it.

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