Your personal share link is the way in which you can easily share your home with your friends and get them access to MyPlace too!

Here are some reasons why you might not be able to find your personal share link:

  • Your place has to be visible and either set to 'Friends only' or 'Friends & Mutuals' in your Privacy settings. If it is set to 'Only me' then your share link will be removed from your profile. You can access your Privacy settings from clicking on your place and then selecting EDIT. You'll see the options to change your place's privacy below your place name. Be sure to save the changes once made!

  • If you have been inactive / unresponsive to inquiries, your place may have been automatically set to 'Only me' in your privacy settings. Be sure to respond to any inbound inquiries from your messages as soon as they come in to prevent this from happening again!

  • If your place doesn't have any pictures or a description then the system will deem it inactive and set it to 'Only me'. Update your place, change the privacy settings and then your Share link will reappear and you can start sharing with your friends.

Still having issues finding your share link, get in touch!

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