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My Account
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With your account on your Patient Rewards app, you get direct access to your settings, purchase history, special offers, available RepeatCash, and more.

Below you will find every thing you can do with each individual screen in your account.


Easily track your available treatments, click into treatments and review pre and post-care instructions, book an appointment, and even redeem. You can also review all previous treatment and package redemption history.

My Offers

In the app, you can find available offers in various areas including Home, Discover, and Shop. Sometimes users will select 'claim offer' to have all of the live promotions in one spot on their app.

πŸ’‘Pro tip:
If the services in your cart are eligible, offers will also automatically appear in your cart when checking out.


You can purchase or review your active membership benefits, select your treatments to redeem, and update your payment info.

πŸ’‘Pro tip:
In a future release, you will have the capability to request to cancel or pause your membership status.

Settings is where you can manage your account information on the app.


1. What if I have not yet purchased a treatment on the app?

  • The screen will prompt you to browse for your next service.

3. Can I update my billing information for my membership on the app?

  • Yes, in the Membership tab in your account.

4. What happens if the card I was using for my memberships expired or I lose it and have to cancel it?

  • You will be notified in app that you missed a payment and can update it directly on the app. If you wish to update it before hand, go to the memberships tab in your account and scroll to the bottom of your page. Click 'Update billing information' and you'll be directed to a screen to provide new card details.

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