Mobile Service One-Time Charge
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Here are some common one-time charges applicable to Mobile Service customers that may apply on top of your subscription:

💡 If you are seeing a $1 "pending" charge on your statement this is simply a hold for credit card authentication and isn't an actual transaction. Rest assured, this will be automatically released as per your bank's credit card procedures.

Charge (w/ GST)


No Charge

Mobile Plan Change Fee


Delivery Fee


SIM Re-delivery Fee

Up to $200 per line

Mobile Service Deposit


Mobile Order Cancellation Charge


SIM Replacement (Lost / Damaged)


eSIM Replacement (Lost / Exceed Max 4 number of downloads


eSIM Profile Download Fee (From 3rd download onwards per mobile service)


Number Change Request Fee


Late Payment Fee


Service Suspension and Reactivation Fee


Transfer of ownership

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