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What are the requirements to sign up/ enjoy a 5G mobile plan ?
What are the requirements to sign up/ enjoy a 5G mobile plan ?
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You will need the following to sign up/ enjoy a 5G mobile plan:-

  • 18 years old and above

  • Valid identification documents (front & back)

  • Active email address

  • Credit card or Debit card for payment

  • Proof of billing address (For a foreigner, proof of local billing address will be required)

  • Compatible 5G SA device to enjoy the full benefits of a 5G Standalone (SA)

  • Compatible 5G SA eSIM device (for eSIM only)

  • 5G Standard SIM/ eSIM

You can sign up for our 5G Mobile Plans online or at any of the selected MyRepublic

  • Jurong Point (Main Shop)

  • AMK Hub

  • Bedok Mall

  • Hillion Mall

  • NEX

  • Seletar Mall

  • Sembawang Shopping Centre

For existing 4G customers, you can simply login to MyAccount to perform an upgrade of plan to 5G.

Note: All new sign ups and plan upgrades are subject to credit check as part of our process. Hence, deposits and a cap on the maximum mobile lines for sign up/upgrade may apply based on your submitted profile.

If you want to enjoy our 5G plan but do not have a 5G SA and/or 5G SA eSIM supported device, you can still sign up with a physical SIM and enjoy the service at 4G speed.

Identification (ID) document

  • NRIC

  • 11B - for regular and NSF only

  • Employment Pass* / Personalised Employment Pass*

  • Diplomatic Pass*

  • Entrepass*

  • Training visit Pass*

  • S Pass*

  • Work Permit*

  • Student Pass*

  • Dependent Pass*

  • Long-Term Social Visit Pass* / Long Term Visit Pass +*

Note: *Pass needs to have a validity period of 6 months. If ID validity is less than 6 months, letter from employer/ principal of school indicating the intent to renew of employment/study OR 'In Principal Letter of Approval' from MOM is required. The letter must be on company/ school letterhead and sign off by the employer/ principal of the school.

Proof Of Local Billing Address (POBA)^

Type of Proof of Billing Address

Validity (from date of application)

Legal Tenancy Agreement - signed by both tenant & landlord

6 months

Insurance Policy Statement (except travel insurance)

Latest available

Bank/ Credit Statement

3 months

Singapore Power Bill Statement

CPF Statement

Letter from company (signed by managerial position and above) indicating the company-owned / leased / rented properties / customer's residential address

Letter from school (signed by principal) indicating the customer's residential address

Title Deed


Form B/ IR8A (income Tax)/ Letter from IRAS sent to customer's residential/ company address

Latest available

Note: POBA is not required for a domestic worker if the employer's name & address is stated on the work pass.

Select your SIM type

A 5G SA compatible device will be required to enjoy the full benefits of a 5G Standalone (SA) network.

If you are opting for an eSIM, your device has to be 5G SA eSIM compatible too.

5G Standard SIM/ 5G eSIM
A 5G physical SIM card or eSIM will be issued for you to enjoy your 5G service.
For existing customers upgrading your plan from 4G to 5G, you may continue using
your existing SIM until the temporary number on your 5G SIM is replaced by your
own number when the number porting is completed.

Standard SIM - A standard SIM is a 3-in-1 SIM which will allow you to switch between Nano SIM, Micro SIM and Standard SIM. This SIM will need to be popped into your 5G SA compatible device and activated to start your MyRepublic 5G service.

eSIM - An eSIM is a digital SIM that allows users to activate a cellular plan from a carrier without having to use a physical SIM. A 5G SA eSIM compatible device will be required for this type of SIM to work. The eSIM will be sent via QR code to your registered email. You will need to install your eSIM on your device to enjoy your MyRepublic 5G mobile service.

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