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How do I activate my MyRepublic 5G Physical SIM Card?
How do I activate my MyRepublic 5G Physical SIM Card?
Updated over a week ago

Just received your MyRepublic 5G SIM Card?

Follow the steps below to activate your 5G SIM Card:

1. Select one of the following methods to activate your MyRepublic SIM Card

Note: You need to be in Singapore to be able to activate your SIM.

(a) Activation via Selfie Check-in App

  • Download the MyRepublic Mobile App (iOS / Android)

  • Log in with your MyRepublic account

(b) Activation via MyRepublic Store Walk-in

  • Head over to your nearest MyRepublic Official Store and request for SIM activation from our shop staff.

  • The subscriber of the 5G Mobile Service will need to be physically present at the time of the SIM activation along with the NRIC/FIN used to sign up for the service and the delivered 5G SIM for the activation to be processed at the shop.

2) Follow the steps shown on the app

New users will be automatically prompted to activate your SIM card while existing users will need to select the “Activate SIM card” option

That’s all! Once the steps are completed, your SIM Card will be activated and ready to use within 2 hours.

Note: If you are porting an existing number over, you’ll get a temporary number to use for now. We’ll SMS you soon after the activation to let you know when your number will be ported over.

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