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Why is my mobile bill higher than the previous month?
Updated over a week ago

If your mobile subscription is higher than usual, here’re some possible reasons:

1.Excess Local Calls & SMS Usage Charges

Upon exceeding your local outgoing call/ SMS quota, the following excess charges will apply:

  • Local outgoing calls to local SG number: $0.05 per min

  • Local outgoing SMS to local SG number: $0.15 per SMS

  • Click here to refer to our mobile service excess charges.

2. International calls & SMS charges

IDD calls & international SMS are not deductible from your local bundle.

You can check out our full IDD and international SMS charges here.

3.Roaming & SMS usage charges

Prevailing roaming rates apply when your mobile is connected to an overseas network for calls and SMS usage.

For the full list of roaming countries & rates, please click here.

4.Subscription of value-added services.

You may subscribe to our one-time or recurring roaming data booster via MyAccount or MyRepublic App.

5.Change in subscription plan

If you have recently upgraded to a new subscription plan, you would notice the bill indicating the new subscription charges.

With MyRepublic App, you can view and manage your current data, calls, SMS usages and subscribed value added services.

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