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5G MyRepublic Supported Roaming Partners
5G MyRepublic Supported Roaming Partners
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Ready to use roaming services abroad? Here's how to make the most of it:

  • To access 5G while traveling, manually choose a roaming partner that supports 5G.

  • Want to use 5G data? Just subscribe to a roaming data booster and make sure data roaming is turned on in your phone settings.

💭 Keep in mind:

  • Calls and texts while roaming will be charged on a pay-per-use basis.

  • The availability of Roaming Data Plans and Pay-As-You-Roam Data depends on our partners' offerings in each country.

  • For MyRepublic 5G customers who are roaming outside Singapore:
    With the shutdown of the 3G network, customers must be on at least a 4G network. Additionally, to ensure voice and SMS services continue to work, a roaming data plan is required.

Looking for more details on 5G roaming, international calls, and texts? Click below for all the info you need.

Description: The image above shows the list of MyRepublic's 5G Roaming Partners.

Roaming Partners list updated as of 27 June 2024

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