How to conserve Mobile Data?
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Conserving mobile data on your devices is essential to avoid exceeding your data cap. Here are some tips for both iOS and Android users:

iOS Devices (iPhone and other iOS devices):

1. Turn off Wi-Fi Assist & Activate Low Data Mode: In Settings > Mobile Data, scroll down to find 'Wi-Fi Assist' and turn it off to prevent automatic switching to mobile data. Also, enable 'Low Data Mode'.

2. Restrict Cellular Data for Apps: Under Mobile Data settings, disable cellular data for apps that don't need constant internet access.

3. Update Apps on Wi-Fi Only: Go to Settings > App Store and turn off 'Automatic Downloads' to update apps only over Wi-Fi.

4. Minimize Email Data Usage: In Settings > Mail, toggle off 'Load Remote Images' to prevent auto-downloading of image attachments in emails.

5. Disable Video Autoplay: Turn off autoplay in social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram via their respective settings.

6. Turn Off Mobile Data Completely: As a last resort, go to Settings > Mobile Data and switch off Mobile Data.

Android Devices:

1. Set Data Usage Limit: Go to Settings > Data Usage > Billing Cycle to set a data limit according to your billing cycle.

2. Update Apps Using Wi-Fi Only: In Settings, find 'Auto-update apps' and select 'Over Wi-Fi only'.

3. Minimize Background Data Usage: Check data usage in Settings > Data Usage and restrict background data for specific apps.

4. Stop Autoplay for Social Videos: Disable autoplay in social media apps via their settings.

5. Turn Off Unnecessary Account Syncing: In Settings > Accounts, manage sync settings for each account to save data.

6. Switch Off Data Completely: Go to Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile Network and turn off 'Mobile Data'.

Check Mobile Data Consumption:

Use the MyRepublic Mobile App to monitor your data usage. The purple bubble indicates local data usage, while the blue bubble shows roaming data usage.

Description: The image above shows the MyRepublic Mobile App landing interface where the local & roaming data usage is displayed.

Consider a Different Mobile Plan:

If you often exceed your data cap, consider switching to a different mobile plan or use MyRepublic Mobile App to purchase instant data-boost add-ons.

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