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MyRepublic Talk App (Mobile)
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About MyRepublic Talk App

1. What is MyRepublic Talk App?

  • A free app for MyRepublic Mobile users in Singapore.

  • You can make roaming calls at local rates with MyRepublic Talk

  • Simply forward your MyRepublic Mobile number to the MyRepublic Talk app and enjoy:

    • Free incoming roaming calls using your given MyRepublic Mobile plan talktime

    • Roaming calls to Singapore at just 5¢/minute – 95% cheaper than standard roaming rates

    • Roaming calls to other countries at local fixed line rates, from 6¢/minute

Description: The image above displays the MyRepublic Talk App page on the MyRepublic website.

2. How does the app work?

The app can be used anywhere in the world, and users can save a lot more if they use the app to make/ receive calls when they are roaming

  • Download the app via App Store (IOS) or Google PlayStore (Android) and register using your MyRepublic Mobile number

  • Users can make a call through the app to any number in the world (supported countries/numbers)

  • Calls to SG number

  • Calls to international number (non SG)

  • The app must be connected to internet (WiFi / mobile network) to function – relevant data charges still apply.

  • The recipient does not need the app or to be connected to internet to receive the call. They will receive a call from the same number that is registered in the app.

3. How do I use MyRepublic Talk App?

Description: The image above displays the step by step instructions on how to activate MyRepublic Talk App page on the device.

For more details of MyRepublic Talk App Set-up, please click the following user guide.

4. How will I be charged for the usages?



Incoming Calls

Deducted from your local outgoing talktime bundle included with MyRepublic mobile plans. Thereafter, 5¢ per min will apply.

Outgoing Calls to Singapore

5¢ per min.

Outgoing Calls to Other Countries

MyRepublic Talk IDD rates from 6¢ per min. - as low as fixed line rates! For the full list of MyRepublic Talk IDD rates, please see here

5. How does MyRepublic Talk App work?

Making calls from the MyRepublic Talk app – either in SG or overseas

If a mobile user uses the app to call a number, the server will check if the recipient is also MyRepublic Talk user and is connected to internet; it will connect to the recipient via MyRepublic Talk.

If the check is negative, the call would be routed and connected via the GSM network.

MyRepublic Talk App Troubleshooting Guide

1. I’m unable to make/receive Talk App call. What should I do?

Please ensure that you have active internet connection.
(User must be connected to internet to make or receive an app call)

2. Other party can't hear me. (For Android users)

On Android phone setting, make sure that you have allowed access to the microphone (or audio recording)
Go to Setting -> Apps -> Permissions -> Microphone -> make sure microphone is turned on for MyRepublic Talk App.

*Note: Setting may differ from one android phone to another.

3. I have performed Mobile and GSM forwarding as instructed but I’m unable to receive app call from call made from non-app. What should I do?

  • Please ensure that you are connected to internet (wifi or mobile data) AND the GSM network when enabling or disabling the Mobile and GSM forwarding

  • You will also need to have internet connectivity to make and receive calls.

  • Note that to enable/disable GSM forwarding. The app will need to make a call. If the call isn’t made. GSM forwarding will not be set. (Calling to enable and disable the forwarding is free - even whilst already overseas) - It is safer to enable this before travelling though.

  • You should see the following prompt if forwarding is successfully set.


Description: The image above displays the confirmation that MyRepublic Talk App has been activated on the device.

  • You may also double confirm whether the Mobile and GSM forwarding are successfully enabled by checking the following display on your mobile phone.



Description: The image above displays the "Call Forwarding" icon on an iOS device.



Description: The image above displays the "Call Forwarding" confirmation on an Andriod device.

4. I didn't receive any push notification for the following scenarios. What should i do?

1. Push notification to activate App
2. Push notification on missed call

For some android phones, there is a battery optimization feature that kills background apps completely if the Apps are not actively running.

The following are some steps to get back your notifications. (E.g. OPPO phone setting)

Step 1
Go to settings -> advanced settings -> battery manager -> protected apps, then find the app you don't want to be killed, and "protect" it.

But that's not enough. Oppo's software will still kill the app unless you take two more steps.

Step 2
Go to settings -> apps -> advanced -> ignore battery optimizations, then find the app and ignore it.

Step 3
Go to settings -> notification panel & status bar -> notification center, then find the app, then activate "allow notifications" and also "priority display". You have to activate the priority part too to make sure you get notifications.

User Guide:

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