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My IDD calls are not going through. What’s wrong?
My IDD calls are not going through. What’s wrong?
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If you're a new MyRepublic Home Voice customer, it's important to verify your Home Voice number. This is a crucial security measure to access all the Value Added Services that come with your MyRepublic Home Voice, including making IDD calls.

Here's how to verify your number:

  • Log in to MyAccount: Start by logging into your MyAccount on the MyRepublic website.

  • Navigate to Home Voice: Once logged in, click on the Home Voice button.

  • Verification Prompt: Right after clicking, you'll be prompted to verify your number.

Completing this verification step ensures that you can fully enjoy all the features of your MyRepublic Home Voice service.

Description: The image above displays the "Manage Voice" tab on the Fibre MyAccount landing page.

Also, make sure you're dialing the correct local number when making IDD calls with MyRepublic. Even an extra zero can make a difference and prevent the call from connecting correctly.

Here's how to dial for IDD calls:

  • Start by dialing 1550.

  • Then add the country code of the destination you're calling.

  • Finally, dial the local number.

Remember, other IDD shortcodes won't work for this service, so it's important to use 1550 as the prefix.

1550 + the country code of the destination you’re calling + the local number

If you're still facing issues after these checks, don't hesitate to reach out to MyRepublic's customer support for assistance. They're there to help you with any problems or questions you might have.

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