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I am an existing MyRepublic subscriber, can I port-in my number from another telco?
I am an existing MyRepublic subscriber, can I port-in my number from another telco?
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Switching your Postpaid number to MyRepublic is easy, whether you're using a Physical SIM or an eSIM. Here's a simplified guide:

⚠️ Right now, numbers registered under a company name can't be transferred to MyRepublic. We're working on changing this, so stay tuned!

Steps to Port Your Number:

1. Download the Form: First, grab the Mobile Number Portability Application Form.

2. Attach Documents: You'll need a copy of your NRIC/FIN (both sides) to attach with the completed form.

3. Provide Your Details: Include your current MyRepublic mobile number or customer ID in your email.

4. Send Your Application: Email everything to

5. Processing Time: MyRepublic will take about 2 working days to process your request. Then, it usually takes another 1-2 working days for your old service provider to verify and complete the porting. This excludes Sundays and public holidays.

6. Stay Updated: You'll get SMS notifications about your request's status.

Notifications: Expect SMS messages to keep you informed about the status of your porting request, from submission to finalization.

Before Applying, Keep in Mind:

  • Make sure you don't owe any money to MyRepublic.

  • Your information should be the same as what your current phone company has. This includes the name of the person who owns the phone line, their ID number, the phone number itself (if it's a Postpaid plan), and the name of your current phone company (like Singtel, M1, or StarHub).

  • If the phone number is under someone else's name, you need to provide their details in the "Registered Mobile Owner Details" part of the form, including a copy of their ID.

Please be aware: There may be a brief interruption in service while we make the switch. Additionally, if your current number was previously transferred from another provider, we will not be able to process your request.

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