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Is MyRepublic's SIM card NFC enabled?
Is MyRepublic's SIM card NFC enabled?
Updated over a week ago

Our SIM card does not currently support NFC (Near Field Communications), which means EZ-Link NFC payments and related services are unavailable.

❌ M1 - M1 Mobile Wallet
❌ Singtel - Dash
❌ StarHub - SmartWallet

For more information about EZ-Link NFC payment options, please contact:

EZ-Link Customer Service hotline

  • You can reach them on 6496 8300

  • Office Hours: 8 am to 6 pm (Monday to Sunday, excluding public holidays.)

But here's some good news: You might still be able to use other tap-to-pay services like;

✅ Apple Pay

✅ Samsung Pay

✅ Google Pay

These services rely on what your phone can do, not our SIM card. Need more info? Reach out to your phone's maker by clicking the links below: 👇

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