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Why do I get little or no coverage in some areas?
Why do I get little or no coverage in some areas?
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Various factors can impact your mobile coverage in specific locations. Here are some common scenarios and explanations:

At High Floors: Higher floors may experience more interference due to the network setup. To address this, try your service in different areas of your home, as coverage can vary based on proximity to base stations in the building.

Lift: Lifts, with their thick walls, metal construction, and heavy electrical equipment, can effectively block mobile signals.

Basement/Tunnel: Basements and tunnels typically have limited openings, restricting radio signals from entering.

School/Army Camp/Restricted Building: Certain locations, such as schools and army camps, may prohibit the setup of base stations within their premises.

Hospitals: Some areas in hospitals restrict the installation of base stations due to the sensitivity of medical equipment.

If you encounter "No Service" or have trouble connecting to a mobile network, check our troubleshooting guide here.

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