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What Kind of International Experience Can I Expect with MyRepublic’s Network?
What Kind of International Experience Can I Expect with MyRepublic’s Network?
Updated over a week ago

Every MyRepublic customer enjoys unlimited international bandwidth with their plan. We do not cap international bandwidth.

That said, due to the large number of factors that can affect an overseas connection, we cannot guarantee that every connection will perform well. There are external factors to consider.

To break things down, how well your international download performs from Country A to Singapore depends on:

  • How well the server in Country A you’re download from is performing under its load. A server that is overworked transfers data more slowly than it should. A more powerful, bigger server would perform more effectively.

  • The network the server is in for Country A. There is another Internet Service Provider (ISP) on the other end providing internet access to the server. This other ISP may not have fibre broadband speeds. They would also have their own network management policy, which may limit download speeds.

  • How Country A is connected to the rest of the world. If Country A only has a few international internet routes that are badly managed, this would be a bottleneck for all data traffic going in and out of Country A.

  • The application you’re using for your file download. Using a download manager application (such as iGetter) allows for faster downloads as the file gets downloaded in many segments simultaneously. By contrast, a web browser only makes 1 connection to the download server, downloading in 1 segment.

  • Whether you are connecting over Wi-Fi (wirelessly) or over Cat 5e/Cat 6 LAN networking cables. Wi-Fi signals can be affected by interference, obstacles, distance, the quality of your router and Wi-Fi adaptor card, among other factors.

  • The time at which your download takes place. Different numbers of users will be online at different times of the day, which can lead to network congestion along international routes or extra load on the server you’re downloading from.

There is also the consideration of time zone differences e.g. US West Coast is 15 hours behind Singapore time, so network peak hour times are different.

On our end, MyRepublic does not throttle or impose a speed limit on international downloads.

Even during peak hours when our network is the most busy, our unique data prioritisation system allows everyone maximum bandwidth (100Mbps / 200Mbps/1000Mbps according to the respective plans) for streaming, surfing, gaming and voice communication (VoIP).

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