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I can't receive any SMS/ OTP, what should I do?
I can't receive any SMS/ OTP, what should I do?
Updated over a week ago

If you just received our MyRepublic SIM card, do allow 1 - 2 days for your number to be updated in the database for OTP.

I can't receive OTP/ SMS from any app

  1. Check if your SMS blocker is turned on, if yes - do turn it off and try again

  2. Check if your SMSC number is set to "+65 96845999"

    • Refer to this article on the steps to check and set your SMSC number

I can't receive OTP from a specific app

Check if you are able to receive any SMS from another mobile number. If you are able to receive it, it is likely due to app/ merchant issue. The best solution is to directly reach out to the specific app/ merchant's contact support to highlight this issue.

A list of apps that will require OTP and their customer service contact:

For Grab
Call +65 6655 0005 or email to

For Ryde
Email to or drop a facebook message on their facebook page

For Facebook
Log issue via Facebook > Help Center > Report a Problem

Call +65 6801 4777 or email to

For Carousell
File a ticket with their support team @

For oBike
Email to

Call 1800 363 3333 (local) / +65 6363 3333 (overseas)

Call 1800 339 6666 (local) / +65 6339 6666 (overseas)

Call 1800 363 3333 (local) / +65 6327 2265 (overseas)

Call 1800 222 2121 (Local) / +65 6222 2121 (overseas)

For Citibank
Call + 65 6225 5225

For Standard Chartered Bank

Call +65 6747 7000

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