1. Make sure that you are adding this membership option to a membership category -- such as Little Dragons (ages 4-6) -- instead of making each membership option its own Category.

2. The Agreement section of the Membership Category is where you can provide legal language for customers to sign, agree to your 12 months agreement term and the auto-renewal date (consult your legal representative for help with your agreement).

When users register for any membership, a copy of the agreement that they sign and accept will be attached with their registration confirmation.

3. Click on #5 Membership Options within the Membership Category set up to add a new Membership Option.

Provide simple and clear descriptions for users in the Details section. This way, they know exactly what they are buying.

4. The payment section is where you can set up the billing structure. Our system will bill the user, until you cancel the payments. Users cannot cancel membership by themselves and will need to follow the membership agreement that they signed (reference step #2 above).

a) Structure: Select Open enrollment

b) Fees:
Choose to pass processing fees along or absorb them

c) Sign-up Fee: add if applicable

d) Membership Fee:
Add billing amount

e) Charge first payment: select if you want users to pay the 1st payment at the time of registration, or on their membership start date

f) Recurring Payment Frequency: select Annually

g) Pro-Rate First Payment Period:
this auto defaults to No

Delay Recurring Payment Start Date?:

i) Use attendance limits?: Select yes if you want to limit member's attendance to a specific amount based on the membership option.

5. Create discount codes such as 3rd family member gets 50% off the membership fee.

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