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How do I set up my Fonterra Milk Data Feed?
How do I set up my Fonterra Milk Data Feed?
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It’s easy to set up your Fonterra milk data feed! Just log in to the Fonterra portal and follow these steps:

1. Click on your profile, then find Business Settings

2. Select Staff & 3rd Party Access from the left-hand menu

3. Click on + Add a New Person

4. Enter trev6 as the username and select Associated as the role, then Continue

5. Select the checkboxes of the relevant farms, then Continue

6. For each farm check Production & Quality, then Continue

7. Choose a time period, then Continue (we suggest selecting indefinitely for constant access to the feed)

8. Review, click Complete - and it’s all integrated!

When will my Farm Source Data show in Trev? Once permission is granted, milk data for the current month to date and previous month will start flowing into Trev overnight at NZT 2am. Once a week on Sunday at NZT 2am, your historical data for the previous 4 seasons will also be refreshed.

Don’t forget! When you share your Farm Source data with Trev, all users who have access to your farm will be able to see the milk production information.

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