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How do I set up my Miraka Milk Data Feed?
How do I set up my Miraka Milk Data Feed?
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The milk data feed for Miraka needs to be arranged directly with them, but it’s easy! You’ll just need to provide an email approval to state that Trev has authority to obtain their milk data.

We’ve put together a quick template for you to send to

Subject: Customer Authorisation

Can I please request from Miraka that the following farms are added to the overnight CSV extract for Trev with immediate effect and until further notice:

[Farm Name 1], [Supply Number 1]

[Farm Name 2], [Supply Number 2]

[Farm Name 3], [Supply Number 3]


When will my Miraka Data show in Trev? Once permission is granted, milk data for the last 60 days will start flowing into Trev overnight at NZT 4am. If the milk feed is set up mid-season, or if you need to load historical milk data in Trev, then you can get in touch with our Trev team through the intercom and we can guide you on how to do this.

Don’t forget! When you share your Miraka data with Trev, all users who have access to your farm will be able to see the milk production information.

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