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What is the Month End Report?
What is the Month End Report?
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The Month End report is the best way to get a comprehensive overview for an individual farm. See trends emerge throughout the month with visual graphs, and get more depth and insight with the month-end commentary.

Handy tip! The Month End report is great for Management and Shareholders to get a really thorough overview. It encapsulates all the data across a season to form different graphs that clearly identify trends, and stacks the current data against previous months, targets and seasons. It can be generated by all Trev users except Third Party users.

Don’t forget! There’s heaps of useful information in Trev’s Month End report! Click through the different tabs at the top to see each section (Feed, Livestock, Milk Production, Climate & Water, Compliance, and Commentary).

Want to know how to create a shareable link for the Month End report? This article can help.

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