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Can I load my historical data into Trev?
Can I load my historical data into Trev?
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We know that some of our customers will be onboarding mid-season, and that’s OK! We have options available for tracking some of your historical data. Depending on your records you might want to load in the data events that have occurred since the beginning of the season, so here’s a helpful guide to selecting your best option.

Handy tip! While the appeal of full-season visibility may make you lean towards Option 1, think about the time required to work through the reports as it can be a bit of a barrier to onboarding. If you’re over 2 months through the season, we typically recommend Option 2 as it gives a good mix of historical visibility and your team can jump in and start reporting.

Need to know about the next part in the onboarding process? Click the links below to get detailed info on your different options for:

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