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An introduction to the Trev API.

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The Trev API has been developed to help farmers efficiently and securely transfer their operational farm data between digital platforms and services.

The Trev API has been developed for two broad use cases:

  • To allow Trev Customers to directly interact with their data over API

  • To allow Trev Customers, where permitted by them, to transmit Trev data to other digital platforms as these become available over time

Version 1.0 contains the following resources:

  • Company

  • Farm

  • Livestock Event

  • Livestock Reconciliation

  • Maintenance Event

  • Supplement Event

  • Nutrient Application

  • Mob

  • Mob Feeding Level

In due course the following resources will be added:

Reconciliation data

  • Supplement Reconciliation

Processed data

  • KPI

  • Trigger Insight

  • Trigger Rule

  • Trigger

Supporting info

  • Season

  • Report

  • Stock Class

  • Fertiliser Product

  • Supplement Feed

  • Livestock Event Type

  • Supplement Event Type

If you’d like to know more or are keen to access the Trev API please drop us a note at or via the Intercom live chat found on

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