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Release Notes - Livestock Event improvements
Release Notes - Livestock Event improvements
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Dated: 18 August 2022

This mini-release contains several improvements to the way that Livestock Events can be created. The update includes:

Weight and dollar values for livestock Purchase, Sold and Cull events

Trev now has the ability to record weight and dollar values for certain livestock events, such as Purchase, Sold and Culls. These fields are optional so events can be created without necessarily knowing the final details. This means they can be retrospectively updated when liveweight and carcass weight information is provided by meat processors.

You have the option to enter an average liveweight and average dollar value per head for Purchase, Sold and Cull events. If you enter this, Trev will automatically calculate the total gross amount ($) and average amount per kg liveweight ($/kg lwt) for you.

In addition, if you denote a Sold or Cull event as “prime” (e.g. sold to a meat processor) you’ll have the option to include an average carcass weight per head. In this instance, Trev will also automatically calculate the average amount per kg carcass weight ($/kg cwt) and dressing out percentage (%).

Cause of loss

Trev has the ability to record a cause of loss for the following event types:

  • Death

  • Petfood

  • Cull (*new*)

With the introduction of multiple stock types in Trev, we’ve made some changes to the list of options you see as the ‘cause’ of loss. These will now dynamically change based on the ‘type’ of animal you’re recording an event for (e.g. dairy cattle vs beef cattle versus sheep etc.) as well as the event type itself (e.g. deaths vs. culls).

Death and cull rate KPIs

In this release, death and cull rate KPIs have also been updated to help mixed operation farms.

Trev will only count losses for stock types that match the farm type in your death and cull rate KPI. For example, only deaths for dairy cattle will be included in the KPI for a dairy cattle farm; only deaths for sheep will be included in the KPI for sheep farms etc.

You’ll still be able to review all losses across all stock classes from the Livestock Movements report in the Detailed Reports section of Analytics.

Editable livestock loss lists

Trev now has the ability to customise which options appear in the list of death and cull causes across your company. If you wish to make some livestock loss list changes to surface to Reporters please have your Account Administrator get in touch with the Trev customer team.

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