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How Does the MyWorkChoice Star Rating Work?
How Does the MyWorkChoice Star Rating Work?
Description of the star rating in the MyWorkChoice mobile app.
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Your Star Rating is extremely important because it determines your ability to see and pick up shifts in the app. Here's what you need to know to keep your star rating in good standing so you can choose your shifts first.

πŸ‘‰ About Your Star Rating

Your star rating determines your ability to pick up future shifts. Every new MyWorkChoice employee starts off with a 5-star rating. If you maintain a good star rating (3 or above) you can choose shifts first.

  • 3 or More Stars - Full Access

    You'll be able to pick up any available future shifts posted in the app.

    You'll be notified first when a waitlisted shift is available to pick up.

    You'll be able to schedule multiple shifts for the week at once.

  • 0 to 2.9 Stars - Limited Access

    You'll be able to pick up shifts the same day or the following day.

  • Restricted Access OR Removal

    You dropped 10 or more shifts in a month.

    You did not drop AND did not show up for 2 or more scheduled shifts in a month.

You can see your current star rating by logging into the MyWorkChoice app and selecting "view star rating details."

πŸ‘‰ Star Rating Boosts

Boost your star rating by working more hours during the week. (Monday-Sunday)

+1 Star Boost - Worked 8 Hours

+1 Star Boost - Worked 24+ Hours

πŸ‘‰ Star Rating Loss

Losing your star rating will limit or even restrict your access to pick-up and work shifts. Below are several ways you can lose stars.

1 Star Loss - Not showing up and dropping a scheduled shift

1/2 Star Loss - Dropping a scheduled shift 6 hours before the start time

πŸ‘‰ When Does My Star Rating Change in the App?

  • Star Rating Boosts - updated in the app every day at midnight

  • Star Rating Loss (Dropped a shift within 6 hours of scheduled shift start time) - updates in the app in real time.

  • Star Rating Loss (Did not drop AND did not show up for a scheduled shift) - updates next day at 3 pm.

To view all historical changes to your star rating scroll to the bottom of the 'star raring explanation' screen. (Below are examples).

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