*Updated October 29* As of October 31st, the gift card bonus will be $25.

What is MyWorkChoice’s Referral Program?

Glad you asked! The Referral Program is shift-tastic – for every friend you refer to work for MyWorkChoice both you AND your friend will get a $50 Visa Gift card once they work their first shift. (As of July 22, 2021 we only honor referrals through our Referral Program process on our website or MyWorkChoice mobile app). (As of October 31st, the gift card bonus is $25.)

Do I have to be a MyWorkChoice Employee to refer a friend?

Nope, you don’t have to be a MyWorkChoice employee to refer someone to work for us. The more the better!

How much is the referral bonus?

$50 bucks in the form of a virtual Visa Gift card. As of October 31st, the gift card bonus is $25.

Can I refer more than one friend at a time?

Shift yeah – absolutely! We encourage you to refer as many friends as you’d like.

Do I have to live in the U.S. to be eligible to refer a friend?

Yes, you must live in the U.S. to be eligible to refer and receive referral bonuses.

When and how do I receive my referral bonus payout?

Within 30 days of when your referred friend worked their first shift, you’ll receive a virtual Visa Gift card via email.

How do I know when my friend works their first shift?

Go to “My Referrals” in the MyWorkChoice App. At the bottom, under the “My Friends” section you’ll see all the friends you’ve referred and their status.

I was referred by a friend and I haven’t gotten my referral bonus yet?

If you were expecting a referral bonus and you haven’t received it in your email in over 30 days of your first worked shift - please (kindly) reach out to us. We have oh shift moments too!

How to use my virtual Visa Gift card?

Reference Onmni Card’s frequently asked questions and common problems for specific answers related to how to use the Visa Gift card.

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