How to connect MINDBODY + NamasteLight [Video & Instructions]

Important things to note about the MINDBODY Integration:

  1. The sync is one way from MINDBODY to NamasteLight

  2. The sync happens once per day 

  3. The sync will go into one "group" within NamasteLight (from that group you can create segments, like "members" or "new students" to email separately)

  4. Only users who have opted in to newsletters and promotions from you will be synced to NamasteLight. If a user has NOT opted into newsletters and promotions, that user will NOT be synced to NamasteLight.

  5. If you manually sync users over from MINDBODY, make sure you put them in a separate group from the automatic sync, otherwise they will be overwritten by the auto sync each day.

For more information, please see our FAQs

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